Annual Book Sale Postponed


Our main fundraiser, the Annual Book Sale,
cannot be held at its usual time and place this year.
You can still help the Library! Read on for options.

"BIN" sorting your books while at home?

The Green Bin in the Library parking lot is open for business! It's not a place to return library books, 
but you can donate books here.
Your books turn into funds for the Library and help spread literacy around the world, courtesy of the Friends' partnership with 
Better World Books
In the past nine months, your books raised $1,170! 

Books are picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Please do not leave books outside the bin-- if the bin is full, come back another day-- wet books don't help earn money for the Library.

Your membership or donation means the world to us. 

Please join, renew, or donate!

Another option for donating your gently used books:
the Little Free Libraries around town help keep people reading.
It's a great way to share -- and to clear out that pile by the door!  Children's books especially wanted. 


The Friends four Little Free Libraries:

  • outside Starbucks, at the South Orange train station
  • near the tennis courts at the Baird Center
  • two side-by-side libraries on Vose Avenue near the Mountain train station


Take a book, leave a book! 

Paula Poundstone says, Join the Friends!

Friends of SOPL
65 Scotland Rd
South Orange, NJ

973-762-0230 (library)

Did you know??

We are halfway to our $10,000 fundraising goal for 2020!  Please donate today!

In 2019, the Friends funded 193 new Library titles-- by August 2020, they had circulated 1,646 times! 

The Friends fund the Children's Summer Reading Program, Teen summer reading prizes, and the Library's Foreign Film series.

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The Friends of the South Orange Public Library is a 501c3 charitable organization. Contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.